Meeting Notes – September 11, 2023

Present: Karl, Kay, Carole, and Sandra.

We are grateful that Carole Gariepy met with us by Zoom this month to list the events planned for the fall and winter, including:
Doodlebug Comes Home in September at the church by Mike Flye, Brookside Motors, and Mike Como.
Victorian Haunted House (in South Gardner) visit in October. Reduced cost ($20 each) for group tickets. Reservations required. Fun. Spooky. Educational.
History of Birthday Cakes in November in the church vestry by Jane French and Carole.
Memory Tree and Public Service Award on the Town Common, then in the Church Sanctuary (perhaps with Caroles and organ music).
– A drama about 1771 patriot and loyalist women, Women of ’76, in the church vestry by Rita Parisi.

These events are offered to the public, though the Haunted House tour is limited to those with reservations.

Earlier this week, Kay sent the Historical Society annual letter and list of events by mail to her membership list. The letter highlights the Doodlebug presentation, lists the fall events, and also notes current vacancy positions in the society. Kay recently visited the museum and reports that the walls and ceilings look good.

When we said goodbye to Carole, we discussed our current action items:
– DONE. Karl will invite Carole Gariepy from the Historical Society’s event committee to help us list their projects.
– DONE. Kay will list possible next steps for the Steering Committee.
* ONGOING: Karl will continue to investigate the scanning options using Digital Commonwealth. He hopes to initiate a small historical project. We discussed the possibility of scanning Opal Clark’s translation of the select board minutes, which are stored at the museum.

We agreed to meet with the Board (perhaps next February) to present the list of projects we’ve identified and some possible next steps for the society.

New action items for our next meeting at 1pm on Monday, October 23 include:
* Sandra will post the events that Carole identified on the society’s Facebook page.
* Kay will send the list she compiled of possible next steps to Karl and me.
* Sandra will create a list of all the projects we’ve identified.
* During the winter, Karl offered to help update the database to make it more sustainable.

Respectfully submitted.
Please reply with comments or changes.
Cheers, Sandra