Meeting Notes – August 14, 2023

Perfect attendance: Kay, Karl, and me — with our guests, Linda, Brian.
We are grateful to Linda and Brian who listed Building Committee project including:
  • Interior Painting of the museum. The ceiling is painted (by New Vision Painting Svs) and the furniture is moved to the center of the museum to allow for painting the walls. Perhaps a cleaning service later.
  • DoodleBug Shed addition to the museum lot. The committee arranged to purchase a prefab shed for the DoodleBug. The Building Committee will discuss a building permit, and perhaps a waiver, with the town Select Board.
  • Old Safe pickup and delivery from Lamb City Campgrounds to the slab on the museum lot.[August 15 comment from Linda Langevin] The safe is not going on the slab at the museum lot. It is first being temporarily housed in Brian’s home garage until it can be moved into the new pre-fab shed which will not arrive for 5-6 weeks.
  • Exterior Painting at the rear of the museum. This task includes sealing the area and adding clapboards.
  • Ramp Repair at the rear of the museum. Vertical pieces of the ramp rotted and require replacement.
  • Restain and Repair Existing Shed at the museum. This shed is treated regularly for termites. This shed stores our egg incubator and Queeny.
  • Maintain the building and grounds of the museum. Tasks include:
    • regular mowing and weeding (with RoundUp)
    • tree maintenance — dead Elm tree was recently removed
    • dehumidifier maintenance — winterize and drain, button-up the well. [August 15 comment from Linda LangevinThe dehumidifier does not get winterized – just the well tank + pump. The dehumidifier stays on 24/7/365. We must check that no one unplugs the electric cord, or the unit will not run.
    • attention to cellar moisture from Spring melt
  • Goulding Village attention and maintenance of paths.

Possible future projects for the Building Committee include:

  • Goulding Village signage to address uneven ground there and no insurance coverage. Consider removal of an ash tree that is threatening a structure there.
  • Museum bathrooms, heat, and an addition.
Our Steering Committee addressed the following tasks:
* Ongoing: Karl checked the Mass Registry of Deeds for information about homes for original settlers. Not yet found.
– Sandra posted pictures of the museum collections covered in plastic and waiting for paint.
– Karl invited Brian Langevin from the Historical Society’s building committee to help us list their projects.
* Ongoing: Kay met with Linda Langevin to review Clerk and Treasurer job descriptions for the nominating committee. When the nomination committee identifies a clerk, Kay will notify Karl so he can document how-to-file our organizational information with the secretary of state.
For our next meeting at 1pm on Monday, September 11:
* Karl will invite Carole Gariepy from the Historical Society’s event committee to help us list their projects.
* Kay will list possible next steps for the Steering Committee.
* Karl will continue to investigate the scanning options using Digital Commonwealth. He hopes to initiate a small historical project. We discussed the possibility of scanning Opal Clark’s translation of the select board minutes, which are stored at the museum.
Respectfully submitted.
Please reply with comments or changes.
Cheers, Sandy