Meeting Notes – June 19, 2023

When: 1pm on Monday, June 19, 2023, at Kay’s home

Who: Kay and Karl and Sandra (and Lady, Kay’s sweet German Shepherd)
– As a new committee, we defined our role (from an Oxford Dictionary definition) as follows:
  • Lists and decides on the priorities or order of business of an organization and manages the general course of its operations.
  • Provides support, guidance and oversight of progress. 
  • Members of this committee do not usually work on the project themselves. Generally, the Project Manager, and other members of the Project Team, actually do the work implementing the project.
* Karl will write a job description for a Clerk for the society, including directions for how-to-file federal and state documents.
* Sandra agreed to take over FaceBook and Website updates.
* Kay will send Karl the latest HSminutes and list of email addresses.
– We began a list of current projects — those we know about — and hope to work further on this list as we learn more:
– Painting walls and ceilings inside the Historical Society Museum (HSM0 building. Project led by Building Committee members including Brian and Linda Langevin, GerhardtF, and Gerry Garriepy.
– Keeping the HSM open.
– Programs. Carole Gariepy and Jane French.
– New HSM building addition. Building Committee.
– Bathroom. Building Committee.
– Collections. Led by Jane French, Curator.
* Karl introduced the idea of exploring Digital Commonwealth ( to see if they might offer help with scanning documents.
* We agreed to meet again at 1pm on Monday, July 10 by Zoom (link to follow) to discuss our action items and next steps.
Respectfully submitted, Sandy