2023 Annual Meeting Minutes

Mike Flye, President, called to order the Annual Meeting of the Historical Society of Phillipston, Inc. on May 16, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. in the Vestry of the Congregational Church of Phillipston.

There were 17 members and one guest present.

MINUTES: Sandra Larson, Clerk, being absent, Mike read the minutes of the October 18, 2022 meeting. Motion made to accept the minutes as read. Seconded by Kay Deans. Motion carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Gerhard Fandreyer, Treasurer, being absent, Mike Flye read the Treasurer’s report. The balance of the checking account on January 1, 2023 was $42,173. As of April 30, 2023 the balance was $41,983. Jeannine Como moved to accept the minutes as read. Seconded by Kay Deans. Motion carried.


BUILDING COMMITTEE: Linda Langevin reported that the next task for the committee is to replace the siding on the back of the building, and that will be covered later in the meeting under new business.

CURATOR’S REPORT: Full report is attached. Curator Jane French reported that the Society has received several donations of artifacts. She noted that during museum open hours last season, we had 32 visitors sign in. She presented a list, for consideration, of several activities that the society could hold during the museum’s open hours in order to attract more visitors. The idea was met with a lot of enthusiasm. She requested volunteer hosts at the museum for four Sundays: 6/11 – no volunteers yet; 7/16 – the Comos; 8/27 – the Gariepys; 9/17 – the Hakkaranians. She and Terri meet on Wednesdays for research and would love volunteers to help them. Our guest, Joanne Duros (978-987-1597) volunteered.

Linda Langevin mentioned that this November will mark the 10th anniversary of moving the museum onto its current site.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Carole reported that town Librarian Jackie Prime has asked if the Society would co-sponsor with the Library, a program on Faberge eggs. The Library has the funding for the program and will charge $15 each for up to 40 people. Reservations required. There will be a lecture and a chance to make your own egg. Everyone was interested.

Program suggestions from the floor included one on cemetery gravestones. A two-day program with a lecture followed by a hands-on demonstration of cleaning and re-setting stones. The presenter will do four stones. It is expensive ($1,000) but perhaps several town departments, including the cemetery commission, could be involved and contribute funds.

PUBLICITY COMMITTEE: Kay reported that she did nothing this past year.


Moved by Kay Deans, Nominating Committee: That the Society accept the (attached) roster of Officers and Directors, as presented by the Nominating Committee. Seconded by Linda Langevin. Passed Unanimously.

Discussion re the open Clerk positions: Kay stated that Kay will be the mail person, collecting mail from the post office and distributing it as needed. She will keep the membership list. Funds will go to the treasurer. Carole Gariepy will acknowledge donations. The official phone number will continue to be Linda’s number. No one present volunteered for or had recommendations the positions.

Moved by Kay Deans, Nominating Committee: That the Society accept the (attached) roster of Assistants, Committees, and Committee members as presented by the Nominating Committee. Seconded by Jeannine Como. Passed Unanimously.



Moved by Linda Langevin: To have the Society hire a contractor (such as New Vision Painting Service) to install wood clapboard siding to the back exterior wall of the museum building (where siding is absent) plus associated trim boards, and further to prime and paint said siding. Seconded by Jeannine Como.

Discussion: It was noted that this should be done as soon as possible since now the plywood is exposed to the elements.

Motion carried unanimously.


Moved by Kay Deans: To form a steering committee reporting to the President and Board of Directors. Such Committee would: 1) Explore local and state-wide resources available to the society. (For example, members could meet with the historical commission, the selectmen, the preservation commission,

elementary, middle, and high school personnel, local colleges, state historical and archeological

personnel, and anyone else they think could give them some “outside perspective.” ) 2) Canvas our own society members, board members and committee members for their goals, thoughts, ideas, perspectives and 3) Make recommendations for -1, -5, and -10 year goals and how the society might reach them.

The Board of Directors can then evaluate and prioritize the findings, and present final plans to the membership.

Discussion: Tom Specht suggested we canvass our membership first.

Karl Hakkarainen volunteered to help. Other people were suggested as possible members. Seconded by Linda Langevin. Passed unanimously.


Moved by Gerry Gariepy: That the Society give to the Congregational Church of Phillipston a donation of

$200 towards the use of their facilities. Seconded by Mike Como. Motion passed unanimously.


Moved by Karl Hakkarainen: To adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Tim Houle. Passed Unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.