Job Description – Treasurer

Draft from 2009

  1. Receives all monies and issues a receipt for same
  2. Makes deposits to the bank
  3. Pays all approved bills and reimbursement requests
  4. Balances the checkbook on a monthly basis
  5. Keeps accurate records of all monies coming in and going out in order to produce an accurate balance sheet on a monthly basis, and,
  6. Keeps an ongoing record of the income received from book sales.
  7. Creates a monthly report of current balances of income and expenses, and presents this monthly report at the monthly Society meetings
  8. Keeps copies of bills paid, bank statements, financial reports, etc.
  9. Monitors balance in the savings account at least monthly
  10. Creates an annual report as a balance sheet
  11. Completes, or assists the accountant in completing, annual federal and state tax returns; Provides necessary documents for tax returns to the accountant
  12. Participates in Board of Directors meetings

Assistant  Treasurer  Job  Duties

Acts as, and fulfills the duties of, the Treasure in his/her absence