Job Description – Clerk

Duties as of April 2009

Receives, sorts and responds to all postal mail

In consultation with the President, prepares a written agenda before each meeting
Records minutes of each meeting held by the Society
Reads the minutes of the previous meeting at the current Society meeting
Contacts all Officers and Directors in preparation for a Board of Directors meeting.
Participates in Board of Directors meetings and take minutes there
Notifies the entire membership of the annual meeting and its proposed agenda.

Receives all monies and records where the money came from and for what purpose it was given, prior to giving the monies to the Treasurer.
May receive money from Society members for the purpose of recording membership, books sold, donations received, etc.
Turns over to the treasurer all monies received and keeps a record of doing so
May deposit money into the bank and provides a precise record of this transaction to the Treasurer

Writes letters on behalf of the Society as directed by the President (i.e. thank you, request, and solicitation letters, general correspondence, etc.)
Works with other officers and committees as it relates to sending letters of solicitation, membership renewals and invitations, etc.
Writes letters and reports necessary for grant application and fulfillment, etc.

Keeps complete records of all tasks accomplished.
Keeps all records which involve the clerk such as 501c(3) status, bylaws, policies & procedures, mission statement, insurance policies, minutes, letters written, forms completed, reports written, membership lists, grant applications, fundraising, Society brochure, etc.
Generates and keeps a list of all Officers, Directors, and Committee members with their telephone numbers

Completes mandatory annual reports such as the Annual Report and Form PC to the State
Assists in the review and completion of Federal and State Income Tax returns such as Form 990 or 990EZ.

Receives all monies relative to raising of funds via special events, raffles, donations, etc.
Keeps accurate records of the above and informs the Treasurer and President of same
Writes thank you letters for all donations received.

Receives all Memory Tree monies
Contacts and invites the people who are to be the official name readers (such as the state senator and representative)
Tabulates a list of names for the annual Memory Tree Ceremony and prepares the lists to be read at the ceremony as well as the list kept as a permanent record in the Memory Tree Book

Records number of books sold and income received from it.
Keeps an accounting of who is selling books, how many are sold and how many are left to sell.
Mails out history books to people purchasing and requesting same.

Keeps records current of the membership role, dues paid, addresses, etc.
Writes letters of membership invitation and renewal reminders
Writes letters of appreciation and welcome to those initiating or renewing membership
Responds to all letters of inquiry regarding membership

Receives all monies and sorts it into categories.
Records all monies into a database which delineates what monies were generated from where.

Procures postage for the clerk’s Society needs
Creates computer generated certificates, letterheads, invitations, formal agendas for special programs, etc.

Assistant Clerk Job Duties

Acts as and fulfills all the Clerk’s duties in his/her absence.